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Git Authentication with wincred

Wincred Here I am again struggling with wincred. At least according to the article on GitHub. I’ve already done this in the past I believe: But finding out where and what wincred is exactly again is where I started to get lost again. Windows Credential Manager With windows 10 you can type “Credential” into the Start […]

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How to resize a VirtualBox drive vdi

I was setting up some software on my VirtualBox OS that said it needed 20 GB of free room. The problem was that I only had 6GB of free room; I should have just made a large dynamic sizing drive to start with, but I didn’t… Without further ado here’s how to resize a VirtualBox drive vdi […]

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PHPStorm “cannot find vm options file”

PHPStorm kept throwing this error when I tried to open it: “cannot find vm options file” Troubleshooting I reinstalled but quickly figured out my problem. In the past when I would install a new EAP (Early Access Program) it would keep the shortcuts I moved off of my desktop to the rocketdock launcher, but it […]

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Node js Stand Alone Portable with NPM

If you want to directly download node.exe (all distributions here) and run it by itself, including the infamous Node Package Manager NPM; here are the steps I took to accomplish this. This also applies to environments where you have restricted permissions and do not have administrative permissions. In such an instance you cannot use the installer which […]

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