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PHPStorm “cannot find vm options file”

PHPStorm kept throwing this error when I tried to open it: “cannot find vm options file” Troubleshooting I reinstalled but quickly figured out my problem. In the past when I would install a new EAP (Early Access Program) it would keep the shortcuts I moved off of my desktop to the rocketdock launcher, but it […]

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Fix “502 Bad Gateway” error on NGINX with PHP, ISPConfig, and WordPress

The Error I recently added a new site through ISPConfig and I was receiving 502 Bad Gateway errors when trying to access a WordPress install I was trying to set up. Diagnosis This error is due to the PHP endpoint not existing when the server tries to access it. I noticed that the web .sock in […]

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Reset File Permissions with PHP

Recently I transferred a WP – WordPress site and I was getting server response 500. Looking at the error log in cPanel I could see that WordPress was complaining about files being globally writable. So pretty much the whole site was down after being transfered, I’m not sure why it happened with this site since […]

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ORM – Object Relational Mapping

ORM could be considered a mini framework, but I think of it as a helper class for PHP objects. What does ORM do?   ORM allows you to easily communicate between PHP and a Database, particularly a MySQL database. It allows for rapid development and removes any confusion and error that may occur in PHP […]

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