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Public / Private Variables and Methods in JavaScript

Every time I want to write some Object Oriented code whether it be PHP or JavaScript I require a slight mental jump start to remember each language’s syntax, but hopefully with enough repetition I’ll start differentiating and remembering the syntax. I ran across a really nice article at phrogz.net Object Layout Private Variables and Methods […]

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Find out how many domains your shared server hosts & bluehost review

I ran across this really awesome tool yesterday while reading up about bluehost and upgrading from a large shared server to their “pro plan”. via: http://www.codemyownroad.com/upgrading-bluehost-pro/ Awesome tool to find out how many sites are hosted under an IP / shared server host http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/web-sites-on-web-server/ The reason I set out to read about this is because I […]

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About.me/CodySwartz I created the original graphics for my about me page, which I was quite intrigued by about.me’s layout simplicity. I put a large amount of time into creating my about.me logos and I was pleased by the typography, so I decided to build my homepage around my about.me page. I know the page is […]

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