Cody Swartz

  • 2500 NW Regency St Unit #69
  • Bend, OR 97701
  • (541) 728-3816
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Who Am I & What Do I Do?

I am a programmer at heart and a web developer by day (and into the late night). I enjoy staying up to date on current and new technologies, as well as standards as they evolve and appear. In spring of 2013, I finished obtaining my AAOT degree - Associates of Arts Oregon Transfer at COCC.

I took a small detour to pursue the dreams of a startup company named cQpon. While there, I assumed the role of Chief Technology Officer & Lead Developer overseeing all technological aspects of the company. During this time expanded my horizons, wore many hats, obtained skills I did not expect to learn, and networked with many people.

Currently, I am employed at G5 Search Marketing, and continuing my education at OSU Cascades to obtain my BS in Computer Science with a focus on web and mobile application development.

Web development is more than just a hobby for me, it is my passion. Whenever new information surfaces for web development or design, I begin to feast - feeding my unquenchable thirst for the sustenance of knowledge; learning the new processes involved and applying them. I believe that the best way to learn something is to get out there and do it, experience and motivation are essential. If there is something I do not know or cannot yet do, I will learn it. There are no limits, but the ones we put on ourselves.

Technical Skills

Languages (Second Language: Geek, Occasionally Nerd)

Proficient with: PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, SASS/LESS, XHTML, Json, C#, SQL, Database Schema/Markup.

Familiar with: Java, .NET environment, VB, VBA, Basic, LUA, NodeJS, Ruby, Unit Testing/Specs.

Object Oriented: PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, SASS/LESS, C#, Java, .NET environment, anything that supports it - I prefer my code this way - modular, reusable, extensible, encapsulated.

SAAS: I'm familiar with software as a service, including managing and creating APIs, as well as keeping documentation up to date.

Web Development Libraries & Frameworks

Font End: jQuery, Bootstrap, Materialize, Ember, Backbone.

MVC/DDAU: Ruby On Rails, Ember, sails.js (built upon Express),
PHP Stack: Slim, Twig, Idiorm, Paris.

Package Managers & Build Tooling: Gulp, Grunt, Bower, NPM/Yarn/PNPM, Webpack, Browserify, Electron, Chrome Extensions.

Test Automation: Selenium 3

I'm willing and eager to learn more (JavaScript has a new one every week)!
To Self... Look into ender.js, more DDAU, elm lang(JS), flow/flowtype.

Back-End Server Management

Connect, Install, Setup, Configure, Test & Tune, Run.

VPS Administration, Linux - primarily Ubuntu, Shell/Console, Apache, Nginx, PHP, Mysql, Varnish, ISPConfig, NodeJS.

Software & Technologies

Database: MySQL, SQLite, T-SQL (MS SQL), Pouch + Couch DB, Mongo DB, Postgres, all flavors of ORM are welcomed and loved.

OS: Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux - primarily Ubuntu, Android, iOS.

IDEs: VSCode, WebStorm, PHPStorm (I love JetBrains IDEs), Dreamweaver, Notepad++, Sublime.

Other: SourceTree, GIT, BFG Repo Cleaner, Microsoft Visual Studio, cPanel, Adobe Suite (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Fireworks), Tortoise SVN, Aptana, NetBeans, Inventor, Architect, 3DS Max, AutoCAD, GitHub, BitBucket, MS Office, and pretty much any software I can get my hands on.

Project & Small Team Management

I have experience being the Lead Developer and CTO at cQpon managing a small self-sustainable team, as well as interns that sometimes require more hands-on attention.

Team Development: In a group development environment we've used GIT for version tracking along with issue trackers such as BitBucket, GitHub, and BaseCamp. Specific tasks, features, and goals are split among the team or worked on together depending on the size of the task. Commits are then checked for quality and standards, feedback is given if needed.

We work together to scope out projects and new features after researching if required. We plan how we're going to implement the new content and how long it will take us to complete it. I relay information between the executive team and the development team such as time frames and feature requests.


Sisters High School

GPA: 3.5

Technology Scholarship Award

Central Oregon Community College

GPA: 3.72

Graduated in spring 2013 with Applied Associates of Oregon Transfer degree

Oregon State University - Cascades

GPA: 3.85

Current endeavors, working towards a BS in Computer Science with a focus on web and mobile application development.


First Generation College Student

Eagle Scout Rank


Hoodoo Ski and Recreation

  • Customer Service
  • Team Environment
  • Cashier
  • Complete and manage team oriented goals during high stress situations.
  • Assistant Manager - "Above and Beyond Award"
  • Night Manager
  • "Most Muscular Tanned out Computer Geek Award"

My First job, Experience with customers, and a Team environment. This job taught me many people skills and helped push me out of my introverted comfort zone. I got to be an assistant manager during the day and a manager during the night shift.

Awesome-O Bot

  • Group software development
  • Code Management
  • SVN
  • TortoiseSVN
  • AI Automation
  • Forum Moderation
  • Wiki & API Management & Upkeep
  • Visual Studio + AnkhSVN Plugin

First software development project as a group. Worked on multiple projects with SVN using Tortoise SVN as well as Visual Studio plugin AnkhSVN. Created AI automation to interface with Diablo2 (an older video game). Kept public wiki and forums updated with API, troubleshooting, and community interactions/UX. [Logic Happens]

  • jQuery, Ajax, JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL
  • Smart Optimizer
  • Revived an abandoned project
  • Original code was a mess & poorly written
  • Major SEO
  • Created a scraper to generate content
  • Generated traffic

Picked up a job search engine for Mexico halfway through its development which had been abandoned by another developer, the code was left as a train wreck mess and uncommented. I created a scrapper that crawled other sites and gathered job listings. Managed to get it live and traffic coming to it :) [Logic Happens - Client]

  • jQuery, Ajax, JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL
  • Redesigned
  • Simple and fast UI
  • Implemented new features
  • Fixed bugs in image processing system
  • Dynamic Ajax Based
  • Flashy animated jQuery

Took a popular image to icon conversion website and completely redesigned the website. The UX had to be simple, quick, and easy for the users, along with implementing some new flashy features. There were some bugs residing in the image processing code that I had to crush. [Logic Happens - Client]

  • jQuery, MySQL, JS, HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Powered by WordPress
  • Customised WP functionality
  • Custom theme
  • Redesigned
  • New functionality
  • jQuery animations - eye candy

Complete overhaul for one of the sites from the ConvertIco network. Powered by WordPress, it allows an admin to upload a zip package with PNGs which are converted into ICO’s and repackaged into a zip. “Posts” are icon packages and the theme was created from scratch which implements the WordPress environment. [Logic Happens - Client]

  • jQuery, Ajax, JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL
  • Quick Site
  • Reused Code and Functionality
  • Specialized task

ConvertIco network client. We created a new site based off of existing code that would produce fav icons for websites from gif, jpg, or png to a 16x16 or 32x32 ico. [Logic Happens - Client]

  • jQuery, Ajax, JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL
  • Used shell to install PNG optimization software onto Linux
  • PHP to executable interfacing
  • Algorithm determines best optimization method
  • PHP returns optimized PNG to web interface

New site for ConvertIco network client. I installed PNG optimization software through shell onto Linux PHP would determine which compression software or method to use, and then deliver the optimized PNGs back to the web interface. [Logic Happens]

  • jQuery, Ajax, JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL
  • Class final project
  • Original concept and idea
  • Created a custom ORM
  • Dynamic note board system
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Sharable unique URLs - live vs edit modes was developed for my web design class at COCC as my final project. I worked with Germán Campos as the lead designer as well as acting as a client via our team Logic Happens.

CorkyApp is a cork-board post note system to help keep you organized and share ideas. It allows for sharing, along with anonymity, contains a WYSIWYG editor, with simplicity in mind, along with security. - CTO & Part Owner

  • Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax, JS, HTML, CSS, LESS, PHP, MySQL, Slim Framework, Twig, Idiorm, Paris, Linux, Ubuntu, Chrome OS, VOIP
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Hardware, software, OS, network deployment
  • Research and development of primary systems
  • Server management & schemas
  • Database engineer
  • DNS management
  • CRM implementation
  • Project & team manager
  • Mobile app project manager
  • Mobile app webservice implementation
  • Customer service
  • Technical support
  • Google Apps/Business
  • cPanel & other management systems
  • User Dashboard implementation

I started an internship at cQpon during the Spring Term of 2013. Circumstances with the previous developer opened up an opportunity for me to become the Chief Technology Officer at cQpon and later obtaining partnership in the company.

The website had already been through a few major revisions when I got there and was left a mess. I decided to rebuild the website from the ground up with standards and database normalization. This posed a few key issues: backwards compatibility because there were QR codes printed out that took people to the site, migrating the data from a poorly constructed database over to a new more properly set up one, as well as parsing hundreds of files into the database.

During the time that I rebuilt the site we rebranded the company from CuriousQ to cQpon. This was because had been taken and we were using as our main domain. I came up with the name cQpon as an abbreviation which was unique, short, and available as a .com

The company evolved into a mobile app that contains digital coupons and punch cards to generate new customers and keep customer loyalty. It allows for cross networking between businesses on the platform, and offers a way for businesses of any size to afford a mobile app presence on consumer's mobile devices. It is now in the process of being acquired.

  • Simple Static Site
  • Dynamic Menu is a simple static site developed for a local food cart - Thai on The Fly. The menu is modeled after traditional paper menus but has a bubble at the top that highlights the current day.

  • Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax, JS, HTML, CSS, LESS, JS, PHP, MySQL, Slim Framework, Twig, Idiorm, Paris
  • Class final project
  • Original concept and idea
  • API / Webservice
  • Geolocation
  • Geocoding
  • Gravatar

WIP. One handle to rule them all! A website to house all your different handles/usernames. Instead of sharing multiple accounts with people you just share you masterhandle instead. Masterhandle allows you to find similarities with your friends that you may not have known, and to connect with new people around you with similar interests.