Linux Tar, Zip, Gzip Matching Files In Current Directory

The Code

 find . -name "2013-*" -type d | xargs tar cvpzf "2013 logs.tar.gz" 



We use the find command with “.” as the current directory we’re in, so I used “cd” – change directory to where I wanted to zip up files. The -name parameter is then finding any thing starting with “2013-“ followed by anything else via the “*” wildcard.  The “-type d” restricts the search to only directories.  We then use the pipe | over to xargs and run our tar command with the options c-create, v-verbose (See the process as it happens), p-preserve-permissions (great for taking backups if you ever have to restore) , z-gzip the more zipping the merrier, f-file allows you to specify the output file name.


Next Steps

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