WordPress Theme Changes

I originally started with the Thematic Theme Framework.

Thematic Before

As you can see their theme is extremely basic, so I am unable to count or list all the changes that I have done. I created my portfolio page and then overwrote most of their files.  I did this because I wanted to have some kind of starting point, for required files and the framework.

I do realize that I did not go about using the Thematic Framework properly, because I am mutilating it.  The real proper method of using the framework would be to create a child theme, that actually builds onto the framework using hooks and filters to place content into the parent theme.

At first I did try to create a child theme but I found it very frustrating due to being a WordPress noob, and even though Thematic has some documentation, I am just not yet used to the WordPress jargon such as hooks and filters, even though I do understand what a “hook” in programming is, there is further depth and meaning to a hook in WP.

One of the shortcomings that I realized while trying to implement my layout into a child theme was that you should first understand how the parent theme framework is laid out, as I recall the framework essentially has a top, middle, end for containers.  So I highly recommend that you build your layout around the parent theme that you’ll be using as a framework, it could have quite possibly made the creation of my layout into a child theme a reality rather than a headache.

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