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Vultr Hosting pre – Review

Review Incoming Note: I have yet to dive in and test out a spin up, but that will be coming soon. Here are my initial impressions and experience so far. I found out about Vultr from good ol’ Josh Tronic’s blog on his VPS Hosting Showdown Have a Coupon (or not) I was trying to get […]

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Postfix – How to Disable clamav / freshclam from Starting

How to Disable clamav / freshclam From Startup The FAQ for disabling the spamfilter and antivirus in ISPConfig 3 seem to be outdated. There are links below to the resources. Here’s the commands you’ll need to run to disable clamav / freshclam from starting up every time your system reboots. Resources

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Download and Backup Digital Ocean Snapshot Images

Download and Backup Digital Ocean Snapshot Images NOTE!: I haven’t had time to test going back and restoring. I am hesitant to remove my images from DigitalOcean until I can confirm the backup is working properly. I’ve been holding back on posting this until then, but I’m tired of sitting on this and hope it […]

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PHPStorm “cannot find vm options file”

PHPStorm kept throwing this error when I tried to open it: “cannot find vm options file” Troubleshooting I reinstalled but quickly figured out my problem. In the past when I would install a new EAP (Early Access Program) it would keep the shortcuts I moved off of my desktop to the rocketdock launcher, but it […]

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Fix “502 Bad Gateway” error on NGINX with PHP, ISPConfig, and WordPress

The Error I recently added a new site through ISPConfig and I was receiving 502 Bad Gateway errors when trying to access a WordPress install I was trying to set up. Diagnosis This error is due to the PHP endpoint not existing when the server tries to access it. I noticed that the web .sock in […]

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Node js Stand Alone Portable with NPM

If you want to directly download node.exe (all distributions here) and run it by itself, including the infamous Node Package Manager NPM; here are the steps I took to accomplish this. This also applies to environments where you have restricted permissions and do not have administrative permissions. In such an instance you cannot use the installer which […]

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Unable to Receive Email with Postfix and ISPConfig

I was receiving these errors: This is the mail system at host I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. It’s attached below. For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster. If you do so, please include this problem report. You can delete […]

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ISPConfig Mail: How to Forward Email to Multiple Addresses and Keep or Remove the Copy as well as Setup Gmail: Send mail as, Add another email address you own

If you want to forward to multiple email addresses using ISPConfig and decide to keep or remove the copy of the email, you would think that you would use the “Email Forward” section. Unfortunately you can only forward to a single email. On a few forums I read from moderators to create two separate forwards […]

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WordPress Theme Changes

I originally started with the Thematic Theme Framework. As you can see their theme is extremely basic, so I am unable to count or list all the changes that I have done. I created my portfolio page and then overwrote most of their files.  I did this because I wanted to have some kind of starting point, […]

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