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PHPStorm “cannot find vm options file”

PHPStorm kept throwing this error when I tried to open it: “cannot find vm options file” Troubleshooting I reinstalled but quickly figured out my problem. In the past when I would install a new EAP (Early Access Program) it would keep the shortcuts I moved off of my desktop to the rocketdock launcher, but it […]

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Fix “502 Bad Gateway” error on NGINX with PHP, ISPConfig, and WordPress

The Error I recently added a new site through ISPConfig and I was receiving 502 Bad Gateway errors when trying to access a WordPress install I was trying to set up. Diagnosis This error is due to the PHP endpoint not existing when the server tries to access it. I noticed that the web .sock in […]

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How to find out what is draining your Pebble’s Battery

I recently got a Pebble Time, I didn’t expect it to last as long as my Pebble Classic even though they say that they should have about the same battery life time even with the colored display – I’ve noticed that the time software has more animations – or at least so it seems – […]

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Squeezing The Space Out Of Your SSD with Windows 8

If you’re like me, and with the current pricing of hardware I’m sure there are plenty of others like me. Right now RAM is dirt cheap, SSDs are too new and cost as much as HDDs did 8 years ago (makes me feel old @22). First lets SEE where the bytes are going to. My […]

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Node js Stand Alone Portable with NPM

If you want to directly download node.exe (all distributions here) and run it by itself, including the infamous Node Package Manager NPM; here are the steps I took to accomplish this. This also applies to environments where you have restricted permissions and do not have administrative permissions. In such an instance you cannot use the installer which […]

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Unable to Receive Email with Postfix and ISPConfig

I was receiving these errors: This is the mail system at host I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. It’s attached below. For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster. If you do so, please include this problem report. You can delete […]

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Linux Find Out How Much Each Folder Is Taking Up

NCurses Disk Usage This tool will allow you to see how much disk space each directory is using. It will run from which ever current directory you are running it from. It is really useful to find out where your disk space is going and what is using it. From the site Ncdu is […]

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ISPConfig Mail: How to Forward Email to Multiple Addresses and Keep or Remove the Copy as well as Setup Gmail: Send mail as, Add another email address you own

If you want to forward to multiple email addresses using ISPConfig and decide to keep or remove the copy of the email, you would think that you would use the “Email Forward” section. Unfortunately you can only forward to a single email. On a few forums I read from moderators to create two separate forwards […]

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The Future is Now

Are we ready to become the guinea pigs to a new era? We do not yet know what it holds, we can only assume for now. Will we indulge ourselves into surreal, addictive, perfected realities, only to fall from such great heights knowing our perception is nothing of actuality. You can experience your wildest dreams, […]

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