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Linux Delete Directories or Files By Name

The Code Explanation We use the find command in the current directory(.) to search for a name starting with 2013- followed by anything, which is of type d for directory. We then pipe (|) the found directories over to the xargs command which runs the remove command (rm) with the options of recursive (r) and forced […]

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Linux Tar, Zip, Gzip Matching Files In Current Directory

The Code   Explanation We use the find command with “.” as the current directory we’re in, so I used “cd” – change directory to where I wanted to zip up files. The -name parameter is then finding any thing starting with “2013-“ followed by anything else via the “*” wildcard.  The “-type d” restricts the […]

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Fixing Double Line Spacing

This often happens wordpress’  internal editor. I’ve also experienced this issue when a friend of mine used sublime text editor and I then pulled the source from the web server and it had the same double line spacing issue. This is enough to destroy you if you try to fix this problem by hand, especially […]

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Linux Ubuntu 12.04 “Waiting for network configuration”

For some reason my machine decided to just kick the bucket over at Digital Ocean. I think it happened after some settings I changed in ISPConfig for the server IP information. I was trying to update the information because this was an image I used at an earlier time, and the IP changed. I hopped […]

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